(All India Poetry Compitition Among Childrens)

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Award Winning Poems

First All-India Poetry Competition Among School Children

Dr. J.P.Das was the chairman of the panel of judges. The other members were Ms. Anna Sujatha Mathai, Mrs. Rajlukshmee Debee Bhattacharya, Prof. Ganeshwar Mishra and Dr. Ajit Khullar. Dr. H.K. Kaul was the ex-officio member of the panel.

The Awards

The following students have won the awards

First Prize

Vishnu Prabhakar (Bharatpur, Rajasthan) for the poem: Bewildered Wheatfields

Second Prize

Smriti Chawla (Ludhiana ) for the poem: Tried to Call You

Third Prize

T.V. Shashank ( Hyderabad )  for the poem: Bulletin

Commendation Prizes

1.         S. Guha  (Hyderabad) for the poem: Time Traveller 

2.         Somya Joshi (New Delhi ) for the poem: The Prayer Room

3.         Manish Garg  (Bhiwani ) for the poem: A Modern Head

4.         Parul Madan  (Faridabad)  forr the poem : Great  Dreams Grandma!

5.         Shreya Datta  (Ankleshwar ) for the poem : The Little Mermaid

Award-Winning Poems

BEWILDERED WHEATFIELDS   by   Vishnu Prabhakar

Alone again

I continue to nurse the sickness of fear.

Somewhere in the dark an engine whistles.

Nightís secrets and the endless

purity of stars locked in my hands

under my head. Listening, to my own efforts

at quietening memory; and knotting this body,

coaxing the fragments of living into a poem.

I know I have been in love with the world

a little too much, taken my own place

for granted and become the secret landscape

like the redeeming monument of Gandhi

in the India of my illusive glass.

Here the dead twigs of banyan

scratch my skin; and farther, go on to tear

the skies of my future. Alone again,

with time to question myself,

I begin with the kind things I must say to others

because of my fear,

with the liniment of acceptance

spread over my wounded pastís breast,

knowing that the pigeons of my town

must fly and perch on the unspoken sadness

of the bronze statue

decapitated once in sudden redness.
TRIED TO CALL YOU  by  Smriti Chawla
I tried to call you on Sunday,
When you were out,
the phone kept ringing,
I waited for the familiar
warm sound of your voice,
the small breath pause
before you say hello
but there was only the bell
it had the ring of closed doors
and shuttered windows.
I carried your silence
away when I put down
the phone, the empty air
of your vacant walls
at the other end of Bombay
came across the wires
and touched me
BULLETIN  by T.V. Shashank

It's bad news
When war ministers
Keep dashing around in a hurry,
When Generals eat standing up,
And soldiers march,
Day and night,
That's bad news.

That's bad news,
Be fearful, buds,
And stay alert;

And you frightened branches,
Watch out for the wind;

Look around you,
Forward moving roads;

Give us ease
Listening attentively
To what's going on deep inside you.

Take care, dawn
And be careful, day.

I boarded my time travelling machine
Started it soon, as I was keen

To got to the future or the past
To 3000 AD or Akbar's last

To automatic futuristic things
Or see dinosaurs without wings.

I pressed the stopping switch
And waited to see a robot or a witch.

But none did I see -
I heard only silence.

Was the human race destroyed by violence?
Or never had begun yet?

This I leave to you
For, I can't sort it out too.

May be the unknown answer will stun
Was I in the future or in the past?
THE PRAYER ROOM  by  Somya Joshi

I sat there with my legs crossed
spine slightly bent
fingers restless in a cat's cradle
smouldering within a web of incense.

As I lift my heavy eyes
to meet those of belief
shelves stacked with images
some multicoloured pictures
some dimensional figurines
The richness of paint, gold trimmings,
the emphatic perfection of these Gods.

Gods, who perched on stifled screams
wrapped in a gauze of infallibility
defying every stubborn trace of reason.

I hear my echoing prayer
a strained whisper
that percolates through time
to serve a heady concoction of insecurity
A moment please, of silent escape
Only to be awakened
by the conches, the bells, the divinity and delirium,
the sublimation and make-believe.
A MODERN HEAD  by  Manish Garg
Small please gray and white cells yellowish too,
And (with bits and bytes)
Make the numbers even
Enough odd ones
Mould the skull with RDX plastique,
The superior variety,
Said the teeth firmly,
Rattling disturbs infants,
Keep the nostrils,
I like to trap irritants for happy days.
One year is plenty,
Bomb blasts are deafening in stereo
Make the nostrils narrow
Like a bone narrow
(air enough to live)
Now the main request,
Give me a third eye
(like the one of the police jeep)
Bright red light between the two headlights
Peeling through the throat of a village road
That's all.
GREAT DREAMS: GRANDMA!!   by  Parul Madan

Where will you be in this world of miracles?
On my Grandma! Melody times have gone with you.

Whenever, whatever, I think about you,
The ugly picture of that time comes to mind
Lying on the ground with yellow festival colour
Covered with my dreams in a white gown.

Your wrinkled face had a beauty of its own
The singing of the birds and blooming of the flowers
Lying on the ground and then on that wooden bed;

You were taken back to your real home, was that the real
Oh my Grandma! Melody times have gone with you.

Whenever, whatever, I think about you,
I still remember, my little fingers in your hands
My shock, my tears, my broken heart
How can I forget those time with you?
I cried for a while,
But didn't go to see you, I saw your ashes,
In the water, flowing water of the Ganges
I cried for a while.

Where will you be in the world of miracles?
Oh my Grandma! Melody times have gone with you.
THE LITTLE MERMAID  by  Shreya Datta

I saw a little mermaid,
Bathing in the sea,
I thought she would say
"Come and play with me"

I ran towards her
And then she vanished
I felt very hurt
And thought she was babyish.

I ran to my mother
Crying bitterly,
I said to her,
"The mermaid wouldn't play with me."

She grew very cross and said,
"What rubbish
I think you are sleepy
Now, stop talking gibberish."

Then I woke up with a jump
Falling from my bed
Shaking with fear and half afraid.
My mother came and said
"What is wrong dear?"
I replied, "She
Just wouldn't play with me."

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